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Hold your breath and count to ten.

Then fall apart and start again.

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Килька в томате
12 December 1989
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About me. Anna. 20. Russia, Moscow. RSUTE's student.
third year. speak RUS-ENG.
friendly. talkative. funny. honest. positive/pessimistic (from time to time). responsible. daring and at the same time quite shy. open-minded and mysterious. speak what I think. quick-tempered. don't smoke. drink occasionally.

Interests. Music (check my last.fm page. Movies. Reading (just have a look at those bookshelfs with lots or potentialy interesting books!). Photography. Lomography (Diana Mini F+, Smena, Chaika II). English (translator @ othfilm.ru). Travel magazines. Photoshop.

My blog. This LJ is for personal entries only. I have nothing to hide so you're always welcome - all entries are open. If you want to see my photoshop works (100x100 icons mostly) - you're always welcome to fruitydrops.

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Social capital

  • less than 10